All our log home shells start with premium quality trees.

Is the BEST Way to Build Your Own Handcrafted Log Home Shell
Is the EASIEST Way to Build Your Own Handcrafted Log Home Shell

"I have invented a way that lets me full-scribe every log of your log home at my construction yard, and then lets you cut all the notches and grooves at your place -- I call it "Cut-It-Yourself.""

This is a unique opportunity for YOU, the do-it-yourselfer who wants to build your own log home -- to partner with a world-renowned log builder to make your log home dream come true!



"Cut-It-Yourself" is the best way to build your own full-scribe-fit, handcrafted log home.

I have been teaching people how to build their own log home from scratch for more than 25 years, and that method is difficult, requires a lot of tools and equipment and many skills, and is very slow going for first-timers.

"Cut-It-Yourself" solves all those problems. Cut-It-Yourself is easier, needs few tools, and is very fast for first-time-builders. Cut-It-Yourself is the answer to do-it-yourself log building worries.

-- Robert W. Chambers

DIY'ers cutting the long-grooves and notches of a Cut-It-Yourself
log home shell.

What Is Cut-It-Yourself?
You cut the corner notches and grooves of a full-scribe-fit log home shell that has already been completely scribed by my staff of professional log builders.

"Cut-It-Yourself" is about EIGHT TIMES FASTER than the old "build it all yourself from scratch" method.

YOUR design, or choose one of our great designs.


Let us do the back-breaking work for you!
Skip the Hard Work
A lot of handcrafted log building is no fun at all. Let us do the hard work for you!

Peeling logs is back-breaking hard work. But with Cut It Yourself, you don't peel logs! We do it for you.
A handcrafted, full-scribe-fit log home that you cut yourself. All our home shells are full-scribe-fit and completely handmade.

A Handcrafted log home
Full scribe-fit. State of the art. And you cut the notches and grooves yourself.

If you follow the scribe lines, you get professional fits like these!

Professionally-scribed notches and long grooves. This will be FULL SCRIBE FIT, once you cut the notches and long grooves.

"Cut-It-Yourself" . . . . . the best way to build your own handcrafted log home

Here's how I do it: my staff and I stack all the logs for the shell for your home using my patented Accelerated Log Building method (click here for more info), and then we scribe all the grooves, notches, and flyways. We number all the logs, and then we take the stack apart.

With Cut-It-Yourself, we ship the fully scribed logs to you as a ready-to-cut kit, with all the logs you'll need for your home scribed by us and ready for you to cut all the notches and grooves. You build your own handcrafted, full-scribe-fitted log home, except much faster, with less training required by you, and you need far fewer tools.

We do the complex & difficult jobs for you, including:

    • WE Buy the Best Logs -- We find, buy, and hand-drawknife-peel premium quality logs. Our logs are beautiful, the best I have ever used in my nearly 30 years of building log homes all over the world.
    • WE Stack & Scribe -- We stack the logs into walls (using log selection, sill log layout, keeping walls plumb, rough-notching, cutting saddles, underscribing, and so on), then we hand-scribe all the notches, grooves and flyways with state-of-the-art Chambers scribers with permanent ink for long-lasting scribe lines. Finally, holes for electrical are drilled. And we flatten the sill, floor joist, and plate logs on our state-of-the-art sawmill.
    • WE Carefully Pack Your Logs for Shipment -- We have years of experience shipping log homes in protective, sealed shipping containers that open from the top. Inside, every log is clearly labeled for hassle-free reassembly by you once cutting is complete. Additionally, nylon lifting straps on each log make unloading logs at your site efficient & safe.

You build your own log home :

    • YOU Cut the Notches & Grooves -- You notch and groove the logs. Every cut you need to make has been clearly marked and labeled for you. You'll need a chainsaw, chisel, mallet and a 4-1/2 inch sander. All the large sawmill flats are made by us (sill logs, plate logs, roof purlins), so there is no long, heavy ripping cuts for you to have to make.
    • YOU Assemble Your Shell -- Once cutting is complete, a crane will be needed to pick up each log that you have notched and set it on your foundation. Many of our log homes can be erected in just 2 days! A crane is not needed prior to assembling your shell - a considerable savings to you. Nylon lifting straps provided by us ensure safe lifting of the logs and no marking as is common with tongs.
    • YOU Enjoy Your Handcrafted Log Home -- You now have the satisfaction of having notched and assembled your own handmade, full-scribe-fit log home shell that you and your family are sure to enjoy for generations to come. And you completed the work in less time, with less training and less tools. A lifelong dream come true with Cut-It-Yourself!

Interested Cut-It-Yourself customers should contact us at 1-715-425-1739. If no answer, please leave a message and we'll get back to you.

Very few CIY kits are available each year and our production slots are quickly filling up! And we are the only place in the world to buy a "Cut-It-Yourself" log home shell. We invented and patented the methods.

Please contact us now to learn how Cut-It-Yourself can make your dream of building your own log home a reality.

About Robert W. Chambers
Robert Chambers has been building log homes since 1983, and teaching log construction since 1986, and he has had hundreds of students around the world: Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Romania, Latvia, Russia, and Australia. Many of his students are professional log home builders. Many others have gone on to achieve their dream of building their own log home.

Robert invented the Accelerated Log Building Method (US and Canadian patents) and the Log Selection Rules. He is also author of the Log Construction Manual, the #1 best selling how-to-book for handcrafted log homes. For more information on Robert's book and free information on log building, please visit

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"For many years I have been teaching people how to build a handmade log home from scratch, but many of them ended up finding they could not buy good logs, could not afford to own a crane, or didn't realize the huge time-investment to complete their log home project. Cut-It-Yourself solves all those problems!" -- Robert Chambers

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The methods used to make the unique "Cut-It-Yourself" log home shells are protected by international patents.
for example, US Patent 7,318,299 and others




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