NEWS - January 7, 2021

Woodlandia is no longer working for me on my peeling machine.

I am moving ahead with my productive log-peeling machine, and I will post updates here as they are available.

THANKS for your interest!

Contact info for me is at the bottom of this page.



  Performance :  

Designed and Engineered for Production log yards and Commercial log home companies

Log length — 20-feet to 90-feet+ (6m to 27m+)

Log diameter — 10-inch to 30-inch+ (25cm to 80cm+)

Log sweep (bow) — maximum allowable = 1/2 small end diameter (1/2 sed) up to 50-feet length

Log species — ALL pines, spruces, firs, hemlocks, and larches. Not yet tested on cedar.

Moisture content — works on green and dry logs; expected to work on frozen logs (not yet tested).

Log finish — 95% of log's surface will appear hand-drawknifed; there is 5% that the knives cannot peel

Speed — 30 minutes or less to de-bark and peel a 40-foot (12m) log with 20-inch butt and 12-inch top

Operation — our special, patented knives follow the log's natural shape, maintaining natural bow, taper, etc

(Actual machine performance specs will be listed here after field testing. Design goals are listed above.)

  Mechanics :  

Simple, Fast, Power-Driven

Simultaneously de-barks and peels

De-barks and drawknife-peels in BOTH directions

Log is rotated by joystick control (optional hand-roll model is available)

Carriage runs on rails on high-load, totally-sealed roller bearings.

Replacement knives can be ordered off-the-shelf

Knives can be removed for sharpening

Very few moving parts; easy maintenance


  Controls :  

Hands-Off Operation, Portable Wireless Controls

One-man operation of machine

Controlled by wireless (radio-frequency) joystick on belt-mounted controls (optional), 100% portable / walk-around

Optional pendant control (wired to carriage) available to you at lower cost

Operations that you can control :

1) length of each cut (knives can go full length of log in one stroke, or you can choose 2-foot knife strokes, for example)
2) direction of cut
3) depth of cut
4) width of cut
5) rotation of log for next cut (both forward rotation and back)
6) debark only
7) peel only
8) debark and peel simultaneously
9) stop / start


Wireless, portable, joystick control of all peeling and debarking operations.

The TM-60 waist-mounted model is pictured.

  Things You Provide :  

• 220v electrical power — either single-phase or 3-phase
• Concrete footings for rails
• Method of loading and unloading logs onto the machine: can be crane, loader, forklift, Hiab, or etc.
• Your logs: mud, silt, dirt is okay, but rocks will dull or chip the knives.

  Speed — Compare Chambers Peeler to Hand-drawknife :  

• Per hour, a skilled man with a drawknife can debark and peel about 10 lineal feet to 13 lineal feet of average-size logs.

• The cost for hand-drawknifing ranges from $1.25 to more than $2.00 per lineal foot; which comes to $13 to $30 per man-hour.

• The Chambers Peeler can peel about 60 lineal feet of log per hour, and uses only 1 man to operate.

• The Chambers Peeler produces more peeled log in 1 day than a skilled man with a drawknife produces in 1 week.

• The Chambers Peeler can peel more than120,000 lineal feet of peeled log per year (at 40-hours per week).

• An average log shell that uses 3000 lineal feet of logs (2600 square feet shell), the Chambers Peeler would peel the logs for that shell in 50 hours (6 work-days). By hand, peeling those same logs would take 260 man-hours (more than 32 work-days)!


  Unique :  


There is no machine anywhere that works like the Chambers Log Peeler—here's what we mean:
Does not have a rotating planer head (Spar-Log peeler type).
Does not have a rotary, "lawn-mower" type head (Bengey / Frontier type)
Not a spiral or ring-type de-barker.
This machine is not a Rosser-head de-barker.
Not a "power-assisted drawknife" — (it is not a machine where the drawknife is hand-held but pulled along by cables, or etc.)

Fully motorized and powered operation.
Remote control of all vital operations—operator can walk around with the portable controls on his waist.
Hands-off operation—the operator does not touch the machine, log, or knives, during peeling operations.







Chambers Log-Peeler


Robert W. Chambers


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