The Chambers Log-Scriber

The world's first scriber designed from the ground up
for log home construction.

"A revolution in the most essential log home tool."

100% Made in the USA.


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Optional side-handle and ergonomic pistol-grip.
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Including the new V.2 "Arc" scribers. Another advance in scribing technology. An infinite variety of pen angles now available to get just the right "angle of attack" between the pen the log.




ChambersScriber set up for horizontal scribing.
No other scriber in the world can do this!

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  Premium Performance :  

Scribers that are Designed and Built for Scribing Log Homes

Plumb — no scribe-setting board is ever needed!

Gripergonomic grip --very comfortable and non-slip , good in all weather and all seasons . The easiest to hold, and most comfortable scriber ever made. Also-- my grip is warm to hold in winter (aluminum scribes suck the heat out of your hands); and my grip maintains its comfortable textured grip even when wet.

Side-Handle — optional side handle makes grip rock solid. You will be amazed at the control you get. Any M8 x 1.25 handle will fit (Makita sander / grinder for example). Or buy the optional handle in the store.

Pen angle — the pen holders can be rotated by you at any time, to any angle, to get the best contact with both logs. The scribe setting will not change, and the scriber stays plumb! (Patents may apply.)

Handheld — the best hand geometry of any scriber made: easy to grip, easy to keep plumb, comfortable.

Sturdy — all scribers are precision instruments—but these are also sturdy, durable, robust, using all non-rusting premium stainless steel and high-test aluminum.

Professional Quality — designed and manufactured to provide you with a lifetime of use.

Bubbles — The best in the industry. All models have both double-bubble and bullseye bubble. The bubbles of competitor's scribers bounce around because they are cheap plastic . The bubble vials I use are custom made for me, to my specs (not off-the-shelf). Worth it? Yes !. . . . the difference is like night and day. Try them !

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  Ultimate Mechanics :  

Simple, Fast, Accurate, Reliable

Precision CNC-milled from structural aluminum stress-relieved plate and 300-series stainless steel

State of the Art, 4-axis CNC machines do the precise milling required.

Hardcoat anodized

Pens and pen-holders are slim so they fit into those tight spaces in corner notches.

VIDEO -- click to watch NEW "Arc" Scriber another World's First

  Unique Features :  

Designed for log home builders, from the ground up — here's what I mean:

Did you know that ALL other scribers on the market were built up / designed from dividers, NOT built from scratch as log home scribers? That's right -- all other scribers are dividers with attachments added to make them work for scribing logs.

The ChambersScriber is the FIRST scriber designed specially for scribing logs !

Can be used for horizontal scribing (stairs, roof systems, drywall, etc).

Can be used for "laser scribing" — my scribes have a precision-milled hole ready for standard bore-sight lasers !

Scribe Distances — 0 to 10.5+ inches (0 mm to 270 mm)
and up to 25 inches (0 mm to 635 mm) -- when using modular, optional slides (available now -- call me).

Built-in lanyard hole for carrying on your tool belt.

MADE in the USA

• Accurate
• Strong
• Reliable
• Comfortable Grip provides great control
• Best pens (and pens always available!)
• Many unique features


Owners Manuals

Click here to download V.2 -- Owner's Manual

Click here to download the V.2 "ARC" -- Owner's Manual

Old V.1 Manual -- - Click Here

  Great Pens :  

Fisher Space Pens work at ALL angles, and even write underwater. More than 10 years of field testing have proven these are the best ink pens for scribing logs.

Bold Point -- PBSP-1 (blue) or PBSP-4 (black) -- call 1-702-293-3011 and ask for dealer contact information for your area. Bold pens are not available directly from Fisher, but are available through re-sellers, or from me.

Ball-point tips, so pens do not wear down, and do not change with wear.

Pens and pen-holders are slim so they fit into the tight spaces in notches.

Pens for my scriber are always available off the shelf from several stores. Pen refills are about $8 each.

"The scribe arrived yesterday. I opened the box, pulled out the case, and found the coolest looking scriber I have ever seen. . . . . it will hold up forever."
Richard Musick, Alaska, teacher and log home builder


" What a great tool! "
Jacques-Yves Blanchet, Canada, professional log home builder


"Working with our new ChambersScriber is fantastic."
Christoph Wehner, Germany, professional log home builder


"The scribers are excellent and my students are doing well with the scribers, too. I even made a 210 mm scribe that fit perfectly."
Kjartan Mogenson, Denmark, log home teacher


"Top of the line! It feels real good in my hand."
Michael Pielorz , Alaska,professional log home builder


Chambers Log-Scribers
Simply the Best, Simply Revolutionary


Designed by Robert W. Chambers
author of the Log Construction Manual

The # 1 best-selling book on how to build log homes


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your ChambersScriber.